The Prizes

With 30 prizes for top spots, try your luck and support the Thunder Bay River Center. Battle the punishing climate for a shot at a Honda Pioneer Side by Side.


Honda Pioneer 500
Sponsored by D's Tractor & Equipment of Alpena

Winner is responsible for tax and title fee.


Be one of the first to weigh in a fish and you win a t-shirt!
The Order of the Prizes
You will notice that first place is the most valuable prize, however the rest of the prize grid thru 30th place is random.  So even though your 5th place fish may be bigger, the 30th place prize may be more valuable.   Just to keep it interesting!

Ice Hole winner wins a Shot-Ski and a $50 Gift Card
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If you weigh in the 100th fish you win a TV from Walmart


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place 
10th Place
11th Place
12th Place
13th Place
14th Place 
15th Place
16th Place
17th Place
18th Place
19th Place
20th Place
21st Place
22nd Place
23rd Place 
24th Place
25th Place
26th Place
27th Place 
28th Place
29th Place
30th Place
 John Deer Gator XUV590i Side by Side
Vexilar FL 18 Genz Pack Ice Ducer
Vexilar FishPhone Camera System
Jiffy Pro 4 10" Power Auger
Otter Resort Hub Shanty
Bass Pro Shops Fish Fry Cooker
Mr. Heater Buddy
Pro Thermal Tip Up
YETI Tundra 50 Qt Cooler with Extra Stuff
Vexilar Handheld Digital Sonor
$50 Gift Card to Frank's Great Outdoors
Gamesaver Wingman Plus Foodsaver
Mr. Heater Buddy
Deluxe Ice Rod Case
Stihl Chainsaw
Shappel FX50 Windbreak Shelter
Vexilar Cold Snap Hoodie & Tackle Tote
8" Mako Quantum Power Auger
YETI 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler
Pit Barrel Cooker
$50 Gift Card to Franks Great Outdoors
Spud and Vexilar Hoodie
YETI 20oz Stainless Steel Tumble & Spud
Vexilar Cold Snap Hoodie & Tackle Tote
Eskimo EVO IT Shanty
Pro Thermal Tip Up
Mr. Heater Buddy
Eskimo Hand Augar
Mr Heater
Shappell FX 200I Shanty

 Austin Szatkowski
Da Strzelecki
Howard Evans
Justin Bragg
Mike Plavis
Hime Moseea
Mark Abraham
Bill Collins
Marc Tarkington
Sahwn Szatkowski
Chris Bierman
Alli Spragg
Scott Busseau
Lance Gillmore
Gene Hamiliton
Raymie Girardin
Chuck Ricotte
Dave Grossman
Jesse Schram
Rober Irish
Terry Wolf
Robert Chastzka
Steve Lockwood
Troy Willett
Rob McMillan
Kelly Gillia
Joe Story
Jeff Bowen
Jerry Kirk
Randy Biermaker